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Cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao) and cacao fruits

Cacao trees Cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao) are robust, elegant and beautiful. They grow in the shade of tropical rainforests and can get as tall as 12-15m. Cocoa comes from the beans that are inside the fruits. Cacao trees have flowers and fruits continuously during the entire year. Each flower blooms for only for a day. We believe that cocoa trees can pass on their energy, strength and love.   Cacao fruits Cocoa trees have beautiful fruits. ...

Cocoa, cacao

Some experts see cocoa as an alchemist. In their point of view, cocoa can transform or create something through a seemingly magical process. Cocoa helps our bodies to absorb nutrients more easily. In doing so, it protects nutritional enzymes so that the stomach acid does not destroy the enzymes before our bodies can use them. Our health is not based on what we are eating. Our wellbeing depends on what our bodies are able to absorb. #cocoa ...

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