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The 10 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Dublin

The plant-based food movement has exploded in Dublin and doesn’t appear to want to stop. Here are the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Dublin. The Blog was prepared for page Veggie Travel with Myself (Marek Kubinek), Patricia Wilke and Vinny Jones. If you want read more, please follow this link here. FULLY VEGAN, VEGETARIAN OR RAW PLACES: Cornucopia vegetarian and vegan counter service restaurant Cornucopia, 19/20 Wicklow ...

Raw Vegetable, Curry & Coconut & Cashew Nuts salad

This is our secret recipe for protein fast made salad. It is easy and tasty. This is other one recipe not only for Vegans or Raw food eater. We think the Raw food can be very tasty and interesting for everybody. You will be need: 1/2 Tea spoon Coconut Molasses 1 Tea spoon Hot Curry 50 g Cashew Nuts 100 ml Coconut Milk Vegetable of your choice  

Raw & Vegan Strawberry Yogurt

RECIPE: Soak Cashew Nuts(2-3 hours). Cut Strawberries. Cut Avocado. Blend Strawberries, Coconut milk / water,  Avocado and Cashew Nuts. Mix Coconut Sugar with Raw Cacao Powder. Melt Raw Cacao Butter & Mix it with Cacao-Coconut Powder. Cover the Strawberry-Avocado Creme with the Chocolate. ENJOY

Raw Tomato & Mint Soup

This is our favorite tomato soup recipe. You can eat it cold, or you can heat up to 550 C. Do not boil!

Let’s enjoy real food!

Many people are depressed because of the food they are eating. Processed food lacks nutrients, energy and colour. It is completely empty. Cocoa beans are extremely nutritious. They contain fat (50%) carbohydrates (25%) and minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus) and vitamins (A, B1, B2 and B6). Let’s eat and enjoy real and colorful food that is filled with energy and nutrients 🙂

Cocoa, cacao

Some experts see cocoa as an alchemist. In their point of view, cocoa can transform or create something through a seemingly magical process. Cocoa helps our bodies to absorb nutrients more easily. In doing so, it protects nutritional enzymes so that the stomach acid does not destroy the enzymes before our bodies can use them. Our health is not based on what we are eating. Our wellbeing depends on what our bodies are able to absorb. #cocoa ...

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