We are Patricia and Marek.

Patricia is a certified raw food nutritionist from Germany and passionate about nature and plant-based food.

Marek is an experienced food photographer, raw & vegan chef, barista & brewer. He is originally from the Czech Republic.

We are currently living in Cork, Ireland.



We go treasure hunting around the world to see, feel, smell and taste different natural and cultural environments.  

Discovering interesting and inspiring vegetarian and vegan places is our passion.

Every dish or drink tells a different story. There is always a story behind each fragrance, flavour or ceramic cup. All these stories are about dreams, hard work, love and passion.

We are looking for creative life-enjoyers who are living their dreams.

Let’s discover the world together 🙂 Let’s keep an open mind 🙂 And let’s never stop exploring :-).

Travel experiences from:

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