Ubud is a collection of small villages and located in the mountainous centre of Bali. It is one of the places shown in the inspiring movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ that is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s beautiful book. Ubud is a peaceful, creative and inspiring place surrounded by lush rice paddies. Happy monkeys, who live in Ubud’s well-known ‘Monkey Forest’ walk around the streets observing locals and tourists. There are many quiet temples that are filled with offerings of flowers, fruits or rice.


The name Ubud comes from the Balinese concept Ubad, which means medicine. We heard about an old legend: As far back as the 8th century, Ubud was seen as a mystical place, filled with healing powers. Royal Balinese people sent sick family members to Ubud to be cured. Nowadays, people from all over the world are travelling to Ubud to heal their bodies and souls.

Ubud is filled with outstanding vegan and vegetarian places. We are happy to present you our favorite spots. All of them not only serve exceptionally food and drinks full of flavour, but they are also inspiring places to visit.


Plant-Based Restaurant & Permaculture Garden

We returned to Moksa over and over again when we were in Ubud. It’s also the place where we celebrated our friend’s birthday. It was her special special wish.

Moksa offers a wonderful and unusual dining experience: Delicious, healthy and elegantly arranged dishes in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. This restaurant creates a fully sensual dining experience with a great attention to detail. For their meals they use plants that are handpicked from their on-site permaculture garden that surrounds the simple and cozy restaurant. There is no distance between the cook, the guests and the ingredients of the dishes.

The restaurant reflects the spiritual way of life of the two men, who created it: Made Janur Yasa and Made Runatha, who is also the executive chef.

Moksa (also called Moksha, Vimoksha or Mukti) is a concept of the Hindu philosophy that refers to the final stage on the path to freedom. Humans that gained Moksa are enlightened and liberated. Moksa is the ultimate goal in Hinduism: the escape from the cycle of life, death and rebirth through the realization of the essential unity of all that is.

More than 90% of Bali’s population practises Hinduism. They believe that gods and goddesses exist in the elements of nature. The spirit world and the human world, as most Balinese believe, interact constantly. By preparing food and drinks mindfully, Balinese people are blessing the things they interact with.

Website: https://www.moksaubud.com/

The Seeds of Life

Raw Food Cafe & Tonic Bar

The Seeds of Life is another creative and inspiring place that celebrates the art of preparing

and enjoying nutritious plant based meals. It’s the brainchild of the Japanese raw/vegan/macrobiotic chef & teacher Sayuri Tanaka and the Australian raw food chef and healer Ben Richards.The Seeds of Life project is driven by a passion for ultimate nutrition,  health and consciousness. It’s a story of inspiration, creativity and love.

Seeds of Life offers a wide variety of raw food, smoothies and cold-pressed juices that are loaded with delicious and nourishing ingredients.



Raw Vegan Cafe & Salad Bar & Health Shop

Alchemy is located about 2km south of central Ubud, in Penastanan village. It’s Bali’s first 100% raw vegan cafe & juice bar! Alchemy honors Mother Nature and promotes the vision  that food should make you happy. This philosophy is reflected in their delicious, fun and energizing food, but also the light and colourful interior design of the place. The menu includes an extensive salad bar with many interesting toppings such as sweet & spicy cashew, pink sauerkraut or basil coconut chips. Alchemy is also well known for their mouth-watering variety of raw desserts, which are made without refined sugar, dairy or gluten.


Warung Sopa

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant.

Warungs are generally family-owned casual restaurants serving local food at reasonable prices. Sopa is a wonderful, quiet and authentic Warung in the heart of Ubud serving simple and delicious wholesome food. They also offer Japanese and Western dishes, some meals are served on banana leaves.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/warungsopa/

Veggie Table

Vegan Buffet

This cute, traditional vegan Balinese buffet-style restaurant is located on Ubud’s main street.  It offers many different tasty choices.  



Vegetarian Restaurant

We highly recommend this small and cozy place. Here you can discover and explore a variety of flavours, aromas and textures within a delightful homey atmosphere. The menu includes Indonesian and Japanese dishes.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cafeberas/?rf=347850002061333

Lazy Cats Cafe

Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a charming restaurant with a beautiful vintage decoration, a relaxed atmosphere and  a nice terrace.


Dragonfly Cafe

Vegetarian and Vegan  Restaurant

This wonderful quiet and tranquil retreat paradise is located within peaceful rice fields and invites guests to withdraw from the material distractions of the world. On their website, it is highlighted that a dragonfly is:

‘a creature of the wind, that represents change, and knows it must live life to the fullest with the short life it has. Dragonflies are courage and they are the power of life.’

The meals are prepared with ingredients from close-by dragonfly organic garden. Their cocktails are amazing!




Here are 2 more restaurants that are not completely vegetarian:

Both hem serve delicious food and offer fantastical settings and a memorable atmosphere.

Yuga Warung & Spa

This place offers an exceptional dining experience and a wide range of massage and spa treatments within a rice field setting.  


Sari Organic

Sari Organic is committed to the principles of organic food production. This restaurant is located within rice fields. Most of the food grows in the restaurant’s organic garden.


For desert it is good go to:

Ubud Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate Factory and Store.

This is a wonderful place for raw chocolate-lovers. Ubud Raw Chocolate is connected to a local cacao plantation and specializes in handmade raw cacao products. Their mission is to create the best-tasting raw chocolate treats available. The place is bright with light blue colored walls, which makes the atmosphere relaxing and at the same time refreshing. It’s an inviting space that mirrors the calmness and energy of its natural surroundings.

Website: http://ubudraw.com

Have you visited Ubud? What are your favorite vegan and vegetarian places in Ubud?