This is Costa Rica!

Corcovado National Park, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Saturday, June 7, 2014
The Corcovado National Park is the largest tropical rain-forest of Costa Rica and the last great origianl tract of tropical rain-forest in Pacific Central America. It is located on a peninsula, south-west of Costa Rica. This part of Costa Rica used to be an island.
We met our tour guide in Puerto Jimenez and drove to Carate. From there we hiked 3.5 km to the La Leona ranger station. From there we walked 16 km to the Sirena ranger station. We walked along the shoreline on rough beach sand, though costal forest and crossed two rivers with our backpacks. Heavy rain was pouring on us most of the time. We enjoyed every moment we spent in this tropical topical paradise.
We slept two nights in a tent at the ranger station. The sounds of the jungle woke us up around 4 o’clock in the morning.
We did two trails around the ranger station enjoying the intense nature.

It is wonderful, how most of the animals use camouflage to disappear into the nature.

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