The Coffee Plantation of Senior Armando Navarro

San Vito, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Senior Luis Solis introduced us to some of his friends – Senior Armando Navarro and his family. We had been invited to visit their home and coffee plantation, which has a long family history.
The home and coffee plantation of Senior Navarro are located close to San Vito in the Southern part of Costa Rica. Nearby is the national park La Amistad.
While walking around the coffee plantation, Senior Navarro and his youngest daughter demonstrated how they are producing coffee in harmony with nature. No chemicals. which harm the environment, are used.
We enjoyed seeing lots of green and shining coffee plants. They grow in harmony with trees, which provide shade or which keep harmful insects away On a regular basis some branches of the trees are cut of so that they can be used to fertilize the soil.
Senior Navarro does many things to keep his coffee plantation healthy. He produces organic soil with microorganisms, which he uses as a fertilizer. He is also a passionate bee keeper. The bees like the the flowers of the coffee plants. And he and his family like the delicious honey, which they get from them.
We had been told that there are various wild animals, which are living close to the plantation.
Senior Navarro is on a mission. He wants to insure that his coffee plantation contributes to the well-being of Costa Rican people and the environment by promoting sustainable development.
We were overwhelmed because he and his family welcomed us with so much love. They invited us for a typical Costa Rican lunch made with organic products from the farm. One of his little daughters surprised us with a present. She gave us two of her paintings. We tasted coffee from the farm.
Without a doubt, we tasted the tropical ‘Pura Vida’ Aroma!
Thank you Family Navarro! Thank you Senior Solis!

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