Parque International La Amistad & Aqua Caliente

San Vito, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Senior Luis Solis introduced us to a young friendly, energetic woman and her warm-hearted family.
Her name is Karen Melissa Araya.
We drove together to the ‘Parque International La Amistad’ (International Friendship Park). This enormous National Park is located in the South of Costa Rica and extends into Panama.
We hiked to a beautiful and refreshing waterfall. There were many colorful butterflies, sparkling streams and sweet wild-berries around. We enjoyed the beautiful forest, the vivid colors of nature, the silence and the fresh air.
On our way back we stopped for a short break. We were sitting in the shade under a tree. While eating cookies and drinking soda, we talked about life in Central America and Europe.
We continued our journey and walked to a magic oasis called ‘Aqua Caliente’ (Hot Water). Surrounded by tropical trees, next to a big and sparkling river we discovered two natural tropical pools, filled with clear and warm thermal water. Senior Solis went for a swim while we were relaxing next to the pool with our feet inside the water.

Thank you Karen and Senior Solis for this wonderful day!

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