Organic Coffee Nauma

San Vito, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Thursday, June 12, 2014
Today we explored a well-maintained, organic coffee plantation, which is close to San Vito, in the South of Costa Rica. No chemicals are used on site.
We met the friends of Senior Luis Solis: Family Navarro Umana.
Senior Navarro Umana and his son Jeffry, two friendly, passionate and hard-working men, walked around with us on their organic paradise.
We went treasure hunting and discovered many tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs and animals at their wonderful home.
Senior Navarro Umana also showed us how they produce cana azucar (suggar) juice with a special machine
Organic Coffee Nauma – Organic soil from leaves. Organic cana azucar plants grow at their
farm as well.
With a big, happy smile they showed us two beautiful traditional, colorful, wooden oxcarts, which are used for farming in the Costa Rican country side. The bigger one has been on this farm since the time when Senior Navarro Umana was a baby. Family Navarro Umana looks confidently to the future while cherishing their past.
Family Navarro Umana started to grow organic coffee not too long ago. They are passionate about it and very happy to live in harmony with nature, protecting its wonders.
Family Navarro Umana invited us for a coffee break with delicious organic flavorful coffee from their plantation.
What a wonderful day! What a wonderful organic way of life!

Thank your Family Navarro Umana! Thank you Senior Luis Solis!

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